SMS Onboarding

We know you can't wait to get started sending SMS messages but we still have a little bit of work to do to get your business registered so the telecommunication carriers don't filter your messages or assess fees and fines for misuse of their platforms.

Before you fill out this form you should have placed an order for messaging service and worked with our team to select a phone number to use for sending your SMS/MMS messages. While you can go ahead and submit this form now, if we need to port a number for use that will need to complete before we can complete all registration activities. Depending on many factors this entire process could take only a few hours or up to a handful of weeks. We'll keep you in the loop the entire time!

Lastly, we do need all the information on this form submitted at one time. Please review what is being requested to ensure you have everything you need. This will ensure we can get your messaging service up and running as quickly as possible!

Leave this field blank
If you have already worked with Callisto Digital to select the messaging phone number you'd like to use to send and receive SMS messages please enter it here. Otherwise, just leave this field blank.

Company Details

Only if Public
Only if Public

Address (As Listed on EIN Registration)

Authorized Representatives

The authorized contact may be contacted by carriers or upstream providers if there is a problem with your account. They'll only be contacted if there are urgent issues.

Campaign Use Case

Low-Volume is 6000 message segments or fewer per day. Standard types for sending more than 6000 message segments per day. Special use cases may require additional vetting and approvals.
What do you plan to send via SMS? For example, for a Mixed use case you might say you will send marketing messages for special promotions but will also send and receive customer support related messages.
If you're unsure, we are happy to work with you on content.
If you're unsure, we are happy to work with you on content.

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